Terms & Conditions

We, Camping Key Alliance, company organization No. 556988-6376, Box 5079, 402 22 Göteborg, Sweden will as a personal data controller, process your personal data as a result of your application and registration for membership of Camping Key Europe.

The personal data that we will process are mainly those that you, directly or indirectly, provide to us in relation to your application and registration for membership in Camping Key Europe, such as address, telephone number, e-mail address and data from check in and check out.

Our purpose with our processing of your personal data, is to fulfill our commitments to you as a Camping Key Europe member. Furthermore, we will process your personal data in in order to be able to provide you with useful and sought-for information, services and offers, from us and/or from our partners. To the extent that our fulfillment of our commitments to you, or the information, services and/or offers are dependent on, or provided by our partners, such partner will also process your personal data.

One of our partners is Camping Key Alliance AB. We will transfer your personal data to Camping Key Alliance AB, for processing for the above mentioned purposes.

Your personal data will be disclosed to companies within the European Union / European Economic Area.

We and/or our partners will store your personal data for as long as needed for the processing described above and in no event longer than one (1) year after your membership in Camping Key Europe has ended.

By accepting these terms and conditions you consent to our processing of your personal data as well as our partner’s processing of your personal data, as it has been described in these terms and conditions.

It is voluntarily to provide personal data. If you do not want your personal data to be used for direct marketing purposes, please e-mail us at support@campingkeyeurope.com  or send us a letter to the address stated above.

You have the right, once a year and free of charge, to receive information on what personal data that we have stored concerning you and how this personal data is used. A request for information according to the above shall be made in writing to us to the address stated above.

You also have the right to, in writing to us to the address stated above, request correction of false and/or incorrect personal data and at any time, completely or partially, withdraw your consent for our processing of your personal data.

For further assistance please contact the organization that have issued your card. Information about the issuing organization is found in the top left corner of your card or under support in the app My Camping Key.